Tuesday, January 20, 2015

8 Reasons Why I Use GVO/PureLeverage

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) is a multi-million dollar web hosting company started by CEO Joel Therien in 1999 in Canada.  As the company grew, Joel moved the company headquarters to the bandwidth capital of the world, San Antonio Texas.  

 Recently, GVO developed  and launched a sister company, called PureLeverage, to provide marketing tools and a business opportunity to the online internet marketing world.  8 main reasons I use GVO/PureLeverage are discussed below.

1 –  GVO provides domain names, domain name registration, and website hosting services.  If you are new to internet marketing, the first thing any new business owner needs before a website is a domain name.  GVO provides domain names.  When you purchase your domain name you also have to register and host your website.   There are lost of companies that provide domain names, GoDaddy.com being the most notable.  With GVO, its a one stop show that provides a home for all my domain names and hosts all my websites.

2 – With the recent launch of PureLeverage, the very first tool provided in the Elite Marketing Tool Suite is your very own GVO hosted website or blog.   Using a feature of the PureLeverage website known as Domain Mapping, you can use your very own unique domain name to build and market your business website.

3 – Lead Capture System.  In your PureLeverage Elite Marketing Tool Suite you have access to a complete library to lead capture pages and templates.  As we all know, your lead capture pages and system to collect names and email addresses is a core fundamental of any successful online business.  So if you are terrible at web design and hate all the “techie” stuff and you add copy writing skills are less than desirable, don’t worry, its all done for you.

4 – Autoresponder.  Your PureLeverage Elite Marketing Tool Suite includes an autoresponder.  When you capture the lead, the name and email is stored in your very own autoresponder account where we can design and send automated messages to your lead via email.   Whether you choose to write your own message or choose from the pre-written message library provided, your leads can more easily be converted to sales. 

Within your autoresponder, you can promote any business.  There is also a separate autoresponder designed to promote the PureLeverage business opportunity and marketing tools.  What a great value.

With the PureLeverage autoresponder, the life-blood of your business, communication and relationship building is easy.  Build the know, like, and trust factor every business needs to succeed.

5 – Video Email and Streaming.  With your tools suite, PureLeverage has designed a video email service to your leads collected in step 2 above.  Within your autoresponder, you can record a video message right from your computer and send that video email immediately up to 10,000 subscribers. 

6 – Live Conference Room.  Have you ever held a live conference in a hotel conference room?  We all have at some point.  Those days are over.  Now, PureLeverage provides live real-time conferencing with complete audio and video where you can conduct your presentations, share files or desktop with your attendees.  You can broadcast live from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, push powerpoint presentations and streaming live video.  This is a powerful and effective way to train your team or sell to your prospects.

7 – Live and Recorded Video Training Webinars.  Consistent on-going live training 3 times per week by the staff at GVO/PureLeverage creates the utmost confidence in the use of the products.

8 – Reseller’s earn 100% Commissions.  If you wish to become a reseller of GVO/PureLeverage Elite Marketing Tools Suite you earn 100% Commissions. 

I forgot to mention that your entire internet marketing tools suite and live training is available for a ridiculously low price of only $24.95 per month.  That is insane.  If you wish to become a reseller that’s an additional $19.97 per month.  If you sponsor 3 resellers, your entire marketing tools suite for your business or your PureLeverage business is free. Amazing.

About the Author:

Chris Doe Ford a residual income expert can show you how to make extra money from the comfort of home. Please visit my homepage at http://RChrisFord.com

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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