Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why The 2008 Financial Crisis Is A Warm Up For The Horrific Collapse Coming

Anyone who thinks the US economy is entering stages of a recovery in 2012, defiantly needs their head checked. As you read this, what is occurring is what could be termed a "hopium" phase where we are stuck in the middle of two financial crashes.

Things may seem calm to you right now, however this will not last long. The horrific financial crash we saw in 2008 is going to be a warm up for a massive "horror show" that is coming. There have been no real solutions since the 2008 financial crisis. Nothing got fixed. We still find ourselves living in one of the biggest Debt bubbles the world has ever seen.

The major banks that are allegedly "Too Big To Fail" are still gigantic problems. American consumers continue to max out their credit cards, manufactured jobs are leaving the country, and people are fast become more poor than they ever have been.

The problems that cause the 2008 crisis, have not been solved. The weakened economy right now is threatening on the edge of a full collapse. It is really hard to understand why Obama and many people are optimistic about the economy right now.

If there was signs of a real recovery, jobs normally bounce back very strong. Since 2008 we have not seen this. Any jobs that have been created since 2008, are really just low income jobs, and do not count. Reports in the media bout new jobs, are only just part time jobs.

Those with part time jobs, cannot afford to feed their families and pay a mortgage.

According to recent surveys, about 10% of all Americans are living in poverty.

This is causing a lot of anxiety and a warning that bad times are coming. Many Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that there have been major fundamental shifts that have changed in the economy. People want answers but are not getting them.

There are people waking up, and are preparing for the hard times that are coming. Most people are now also realizing that they cannot be 100% reliant on the system.

Back in 2008 and 2009, a lot of people suddenly lost their jobs. A lot of these people lost their homes as they did not save some money for a rainy day. A lot of middle class citizens become poor literally overnight.

Make sure you learn from this lesson, and save some money for a rainy day. Do what you can today, and save some money incase difficult times are ahead.

Many people in the know are currently buying up gold, silver and purchasing large blocks of farmland. Also many people are leaving the US, as they know the horrific events that could soon play out.

Even if you do not have the financial backing to prepare, just do what you can each day, and focus on the small things that can help you survive the economic collapse that is ahead.

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