Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ugliest Websites Still Make Money

The ugliest websites and most un-tidy businesses floating around on the web can still make money. There seems to be a myth with many newbie marketers that the ugliest websites out there cannot, and will not make money. THIS IS FALSE!

I have seen many newbies get into the whole marketing game and give up because they think they have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new websites with flashing buttons and big bright banners.

That is simply not the case. You do not have to spend thousands to have the best looking website, or have some trendy design to make money online. Some of the ugliest websites I have seen don't just do well, they bring in thousands of customers each year and millions of dollars at the same time.

Think of these 3 websites below you might have used at some time:

1) - 24 billion views per month.

2) - 3 billion views per month.

3) - 250 million views per month.

I would not call these sites, clean and they are some of the biggest ugliest websites out there. Yet, they still do very well to generate traffic and also make money. Just look at how much traffic Craiglist generates. Chances are you have used this, and even find the design messy and hard to navigate. But do you think the owners care. No they are sitting on a massive big gold mine!!!!

Most of these websites are brands now, and most people do not even have to log onto the internet to know what these sites look like. Do you think these businesses are worried about how their site looks? No, that also works in their favor as well. As long as they are giving their customers what they want.

So that is not the point, they are unique, functional and they are brand. They don't need to be good looking they just need to serve the purpose. So this is a good example that even the ugliest websites still make money. Many people are held back because of this.

Remember these sites are very useful for the visitors and the way they encourage users' participation and keeps the visitors coming back for more. Those are the ingredients for a successful website, not high quality design, bright banners, and slow loading websites. I have even designed sites I thought were messy and would FAIL badly, only to find out weeks late they worked better then the clean sites I have owned. This again is proof that design is not everything. Just think for a moment, that next ugly website you create could be the next million dollar business. So do not let the whole ugliest websites myth hold you back, because today you just got proof that they can do very well.

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