Saturday, July 13, 2013

Doyle R Oneil on How to Help Others

Doyle R Oneil, a respected hotel management professional, works in a market where dealing with difficult situations and unhappy customers is a part of daily life. The hotel industry is very tough, as mangers have to make sure that every customer has a pleasant stay at the hotel. Doyle R Oneil entered the hospitality industry because he had always enjoyed working with different types of people. Most of all, Doyle R Oneil truly enjoys helping people in all kinds of situations. A devoted Christian man, Doyle R Oneil views helping others as a privilege and a duty. Doyle R Oneil helps people both as a hotel professional and through his church. Below, Doyle R Oneil offer suggestions for how people can help others.

First, Doyle R Oneil suggests choosing to see the best in people. Working with difficult customers made Doyle R Oneil aware of the fact that not everyone is pleasant to be around all of the time, but that we all have hopes and desires. Once people realize that they are not that different from one another, they can begin to help each other. Doyle R Oneil suggests practicing “perspective taking,” or trying to imagine yourself in another’s situation. Empathy is a building block to supporting someone through a difficult situation.

Once you have a sense of empathy for another person, Doyle R Oneil suggests you offer to help that person in any way possible. Doyle R Oneil enjoys volunteering through his church, where he is able to help those who are less fortunate by donating clothes and food. Doyle R Oneil states that any small act of kindness is important in helping another person.

Sometimes simply offering to listen to someone’s problems is a huge way to help him out. Working in the hotel industry, Doyle R Oneil has had employees with many different and difficult life situations. Doyle R Oneil has always offered an ear to his employees when they were having problems. In some cases Doyle R Oneil helped young men and women turn their lives around. Doyle R Oneil is sincere in all of his efforts to help other people.

Doyle R Oneil does not believe in being boastful about helping others. Doyle R Oneil simply sees acts of kindness as a way to live a good life. A church-going man, Doyle R Oneil believes that helping others is one of Jesus’s most important lessons, regardless of your faith. Doyle R Oneil wants to spread the word about the importance of acts of kindness.

For more information on how to help others, Doyle R Oneil suggests the following resources:

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