Friday, March 28, 2014

LIVE! One man’s journey to earn a million dollars in just 4 weeks

$1,000,000 in a month…

Scott Barlow believes anything is possible. The 33 year old entrepreneur from England is about to launch his biggest project yet; to earn $1,000,000 in just 1 month. The project will be blogged LIVE and will also be made into a feature length documentary with a plan to air on Netflix in 2015. was inspired by the huge response Scott received from a blog post he wrote on January 2014 titled “100 Awesome Business Ideas for 2014”. The post received over 55,000 hits in just 2 days and Scott also got over 800 emails from people all over the world.

But even after Scott provided people with 100 business ideas there was still one big issue common amongst all the people who emailed ‘how to get started’. People just did not know where to begin. This inspired Scott to take on his biggest challenge and at the same time show people step-by-step how to take an idea and launch a business.

Although Scott is keeping quiet about his strategy to make a million dollars he will be launching it on the 1st May 2014 and the entire journey is being filmed by a film crew with hopes to turn this into a Netflix feature-length documentary for 2015 release. Scott will also be blogging the entire journey LIVE throughout May with a dashboard of the sales on the website.

To be notified when the project goes live and also the domain name Scott is encouraging people to sign-up to the newsletter at Scott, of, comments: “I could have given 100 people the original idea for Facebook before Zuckerberg and they still wouldn’t have known where to begin. Taking action is key and so with this project of earning $1,000,000 in a month I plan to give people the basic steps to taking any idea and launching it.“

Since Scott’s blog post – 11 people have launched a business based on one of his ideas and the blog post alone brought in over $13,000 of animation business for Scott.

Notes for Editors
Scott Barlow is a 33 year old entrepreneur based in Worcestershire, England and operates worldwide. Scott runs a successful animation business which provides short and quirky explainer videos for companies. Scott was sick of the corporate 9-5 life and so 18 months ago started a side business in animation built using offshored animators. He has since tripled his turnover and now advises other people on starting a side animation business so they can quit the rat race. Scott was paid £10,000 by a British businessman last year to produce a 5 minute groom’s speech for his wedding. 

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Scott Simon Barlow

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